Terms & Conditions

Parents and/or the requesting practitioner will be provided with 2 copies of these Terms & Conditions at the onset of assessment/therapy, and will be asked to return one copy signed, so indicating acceptance and consent.

  1. Following assessment and discussion with the parents and/or school the frequency of any on-going support/therapy will be agreed on jointly. Sessions maybe weekly, fortnightly or monthly etc. depending on the needs of the child/young person.
  2. I am happy for parents/school to end my involvement with the child/young person at any time without penalties. Likewise if there are there are valid reasons why I should not be seeing a child or working with a young person (eg. a more specialist speech & language therapist is required, the child is too young/not mature enough to benefit from an intervention, or therapy is no longer required) I will always be honest with parents/school and suggest drawing therapy to a close.
  3. Once a child/young person is being seen for therapy, they have priority for the available sessions each week. I will not expect children/young people to take long breaks from therapy unless the need is indicated clinically.  I will try and be as flexible as possible when booking appointments to accommodate the needs of busy families and schools.
  4. All appointments are offered in the child/young person's home, nursery, pre-school, school or a combination of these settings. Ideally, sessions will take place in a quiet, familiar environment for the child with minimal distractions.
  5. I am available for sessions throughout the week and at weekends, but session times vary according to my own child care arrangements.
  6. As a parent myself, I am fully appreciative that sessions may have to be cancelled at short notice due to illness. I do not charge for cancelled sessions providing there is a valid reason given. Likewise, I hope parents understand that there maybe occasions when I too must cancel a session at short notice due to illness.
  7. A charge of £25 will be made in the event that I arrive for a scheduled appointment and no-one is home, or the child/young person is not at school on the day I am booked to visit (eg. through illness or school trip). It is the parent's/requesting practitioners responsibility to inform me of school absences.
  8. Payment is requested at each session unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in advance.
  9. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or direct bank transfer. A written receipt will always be provided. Please see my fee structure for current charges.
  10. In the event of parents/practitioners withdrawing their child from therapy on a permanent basis, any fees outstanding must be settled within 7 days (including refunded money from me if sessions have been paid for in advance).
  11. The Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists have clear guidelines about liaison between Independent Speech & Language Therapists and the local NHS Service. It is against the law for the NHS to withdraw their services if a child is also accessing private therapy. Should a child be involved with an NHS Speech & Language Therapist I will always inform them in writing of my involvement and attempt to work collaboratively.
  12. Written reports and programmes will routinely distributed to parents/requesting practitioner and other professionals involved with the child. Parents/requesting practitioner must make a written request if they do not want a report distributed to others.
  13. I keep written confidential notes on my involvement with each child/young person. These are kept at my home in a locked cabinet. The Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists advise that written records are kept for 15 years after the completion of therapy or until the client is 21 years of age (whichever is sooner). Files are destroyed by shredding.
  14. COVID When working with a young person face to face, I will make contact 24 hours before the session either via text or email to determine the following:
      • I/my child has not experienced any COVID-19 symptoms in the past 7 days.
      • No one in my/the child’s household has experienced in any COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days.
      • I/my child has not been asked to self-isloate as part of the UK Government Test & Trace programme (or UK devolved nation equivalent) within the last 14 day.
  15. COVID All therapy or assessment materials will be sanitized and rested for 72 hours between use with a young person
  16. COVID I will not wear a face mask when working with your child and I not ask your young person to wear one. I will endeavor to maintain 1+ metre social distancing wherever and whenever possible.